A funny thing about kindness, the more you give the more you receive

          A funny thing about kindness, the more you give the more you receive

The healing power of kindness is amazing, but not many of us realize it. Just small act of kindness can have a great impact on people’s life. With our actions we are shaping our life and our society too. Different actions bring different results, an act of anger will bring hatred and violence, but an act of kindness will bring love and compassion. Probably everyone has felt that when he/she is being kind, no matter how small his/her acts of kindness is, still he/she experience kindness coming to him/her from the whole existence. When we are being kind, we feel our soul opening, expanding and embracing each other. In this state of being we feel transformed. By performing acts of kindness, we influence others to be kind too, and this produces an endless chain of effects, and a circle of kindness.

In other words, what goes around comes around – and with kindness it really does. Therefore, always try to forgive yourself and others, let the negative energy pass through you. This way the pleasure will come in your life because there is no negative energy that hold you back from the joy and excitement of life. Be kind to others even with those who don’t deserve your care. No matter how others treat them, you be better than those who aren’t like you or don’t see what you can see. When you show your kindness people will be astonished at the way you behave with them. Therefore, you are going to be measured the unique person in their lives. The work you do or will do is going to be just great and it will consequence in some sort of positive reaction in others and they’ll show warm-heartedness to the rest of people whom they come across to.

Imagine how wonderful your way of behaving would be. Needless to say, showing kindness is an outstanding thing and there is no enough words to express how rewarding it is. It is worth mentioning that, although it’s a great work to show kindness to all people but being kind with children is something more precious and fruitful because they are in the stage where they need kindness and good behavior so that they grow up with tense softheartedness they need in order to live a peaceful life filled with mercy and generosity. There is a nice saying, it goes “drop by drop become a river.” It means that the smallest actions we take will result in a huge amount of whatever we are doing now and again.  Although the work may be considered tiny but if it is done constantly definitely it will have an incredible outcome afterwards. So, it depends on us that how we make other people feel.

The bottom line is that, your kindness will open the doors for others to contribute and look to one another in a new prospective and all it brings is some sort of nice upshots in life we all live. Be the one and make it happen. There is no use to put it off a thing which can bring a world of difference in lives people because that’s what we are basically meant to do which is to be there for each other in times of need. Go ahead and leave a positive mark in hearts of those whom you come across in your life and get the joy of heaven by doing so.

Final words, we need to tell people that what really world need is more love and kindness. We aren’t born to hate each other or bring harm to one another. Sad to say it happens but that’s not what we can give out. Despite the cruelty of the world which is the creation of human we can seek ways to contribute and take positive action to make the society a better place to live. A place where people find refuge and sense of belonging and a place which gives them the courage and power to seek ways for making something worthwhile.



The role and effects of parents in children’s life

Many people have a significant influence on children’s life and future but among them parents have the most important impact on their lives because the first institution of a child where he learns is his home. A child passes most of his time with his parents and learns from his parents and environment provided to him by his parents. For instance, parents play a vital role in the education of their child, whatever child’s age is, “either he goes in school or college”. However, another important role that parents play is in the socialization process where children learn about the values, norms and traditions of his/her society and becomes aware of the rights they have on society as well as the rights that society has on them which knowing all these can be quite valuable for them to become committed citizens of the society. Furthermore, the prosperity and adversity of the children mostly depends on how the parents do their responsibilities in upbringing and training of their children along with other rights they have on their parents.


Therefore, if parents expect to have fulfilled their duties and hope to present committed citizens to the society they need to consider the fact that it is not a slight accountability to be a perfect parents since the responsibility doesn’t stop only when a child is born in the world and they are given some facilities. The problems and burdens that a father/mother has to support their children in all things, which are normal duties of father and mother, are not sufficiently complete. A parent cannot think only in terms of, to have a house to live in, a bed to sleep on, something to eat or provide some basic materials. It is not totally correct to think that it is all that is needed. Indeed, the most important point depends on whether a parent has developed a guidance for their children to live their lives in such a way that they have a wonderful and bright future and are dependent on themselves and are productive individuals or not. If they develop such a guidance then not only children become successful in different walks of their life but also parents have done their duties as they are required to do.

It is mentionable that, among the parents mother’s role may be even greater: while the children are young they are very close to her and dependent upon her, and they spend more time with her than with anyone else which the following saying can illustrate that well, “The mother is the first school.” She may be a good school, an indifferent or even bad school. She may even be unaware that she is serving as a role model in her behavior, and her attitude. For that reason, every mother should be conscious of her role and do her best to make it beneficial for the development of her children as they set out on the journey of life. Father’s care and guidance on the other hand, is also fundamental to child upbringing and nature because what he does can make a solid foundation for their children so that they have a successful and rewarding life.And the basis must be built at an early time since it’s the right time and has the crucial impact on children rather than the other stages of children’s lives.

In addition, parents can also influence the religious beliefs of children. This is also another central thing for a child to understand and learn. Through religion a child will know who truly God is and what it means to have full believe in him and ask his blessings and mercies. However, it will give the child a sense of hope and faith. Without hope and faith, the child may find him/herself to be lost and confused, and religion will hopefully shed light on the right path and help make better life decisions. In conclusion, in everybody’s life a lot of people play quite effective roles but among them the role of parents is momentous than others. They teach their children how to live, surmount the problems and become responsible citizens of the country and so on..

Can someone do the impossible?


Each man possesses the potential for a wining life. Within him is the ability to live with courage, to have fulfilling relationship, to enjoy good health and prosperity, to feel and show true compassion for others, and the power to face and surmount his deepest problems. To accomplish the most difficult tasks, one needs to put a lot of hard work, extra perseverance and concentration on a single objective. One should have patience and faith in himself. Besides, he should have determination, dedication and devotion to attain success. However, for doing the impossible someone has to keep on going even if the pass is slow, just he must ensure it remains steady. He is bound to face hitches in route to success, but with courage and perseverance, he can master them. His positive attitude and clear frame of mind determines his future. By will and ability, he can create a number of chances, circumstances and the desired atmosphere to achieve the toughest goal.  All great and outstanding things might seem hard or incredible, but when a person believes that he can do the impossible then the impossible becomes possible. Man can do anything when he sets his heart for it by taking the appropriate course of action to make it happen. Let have a glance to see that the world is full of extraordinary wonders which weren’t a century ago. Things came to existence that have been thought out of reach and beyond imagination of the human beings. Besides, some people did things that no one can do a small fraction of that. Everyone can see in the present time that all of the unimaginable as well as impossible has changed to reality after all. Then the question arises here, what happened that things have been changed and some individuals could make a difference in the world by their attempts? If we trace back the history and look on the story of those individuals who achieved greatness and paved the way for others to follow their footsteps and do things more worthwhile than the ones that they did, everyone might come to a variety of incredible answers. Those who made a difference in the world had a passionate drive, a commitment to do what they had to do, a strong motivation that kept them in the game while things got really hard and ugly, a realistic imagination, a firm responsibility of doing the task at any cost and above all, feeling accountable to change their lives, as well as the life of others, in addition, not accepting the failure and setbacks, just taking the lessons from and then letting them go and starting over and many more distinct qualities that they had from the rest. All the things happen when someone has the above qualities and feels him/herself obliged for making something valuable and worth trying. On the other hand, many things that everyone takes for granted today were once considered impossible. Visionaries know that what can be imagined can be achieved. For instance, on May 6, 1954, Roger Banister became the first man to run a mile in under four minutes. It had never been done before and was therefore considered physically impossible. But since 1954, many runners have accomplished the same feat. Roger Banister’s legacy is that he had faith that this act was possible before anyone else dared to believe.  If the impossible throughout the history has become imaginable, and then actual, why do other people think that their dreams are impossible for them to accomplish in their lives.

The first step to achieving the impossible is having the courage to attempt it. Achieving the impossible is not for timid, as it is not the safe and secure road. It means taking a leap of faith, leaving one’s comfort zone, and risking failure for the chance of success. There will be failures on the road of greatness. Thomas Edison had thousands of failed attempts at the light bulb before inventing the one that worked. Part of daring to achieve the impossible is letting failure motivates a man rather than discourage him. No matter how many times he has failed, or how many opportunities he has missed, or he has set many goals but never have finished or even haven’t started the work yet.  The good news is that, still there is time and enough rooms to do what he has to do, or to become what he was supposed to become.  People need to think about some of the greatest stories of triumph and courage.  People like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, Michal Jordan, Mother Teresa and many others are glaring examples of the fact that impossibilities work as a boon for the next attempt towards possibilities. They had faced too many hardships and difficulties and their efforts could not always get the desired result. There were times, which were highly destructive and frustrating but they did not allow frustrations shake their will. They continued their hard work with vigor and enthusiasm, and ultimately succeeded in reaching their destination. It could become possible only due to their hard work and indomitable will power to overcome the toughest challenges. They didn’t have any fear from failure or setback. Therefore, everyone should find inspiration in those who reach the impossible, fight against overwhelming odds, and turn past failures into stepping stones on the path to success. Moreover, someone should not let the fear of failure or fear of the unknown keep him from making the decision to pursue his dreams. Fear is the most destructive emotion for personal transformation. Fear thrives on the unknown. Each person’s imagination runs wild with possible negative scenarios. By choosing to put oneself in situations where he/she has to face his/her fear, he/she learns that it is far easier to face reality than the endless loop of possible challenges that his/her mind creates.

To sum up, nothing is impossible in this world. This implies that one can do anything, if he/she has will to do it. The will is like “the hammer that shatters glass but forges steel”. A determination which is as strong as steel makes everything possible to happen.

The pros and cons of procrastination in our life


   Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be accomplished. It is the practice of doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones, thus putting off impeding tasks to a later time. Sometimes procrastination takes place until the “last minute” before a deadline. It can take hold on any aspect of life – putting off doing the chores of home, submitting a job report, not honoring a promise, or not doing what one’s have to do which all can lead to problems such as stress, difficulties in relationships and so on . One of the reasons why we are not able to manage our time effectively is procrastination. Postponement is the habit of putting off doing an important accountability, but then becoming involved with a less important task. We put off working on the things which are absolutely necessary to be done because it seems difficult, or it will take too much time, or we put it off because we are not in the mood, or feel too tired to do it, we are procrastinating. On the other hand, we all do it at times: we put off doing things until later. Whether or not this is harmful, and the degree of the harm, depends on the circumstances. It is a complex issue. For some people, procrastination is a habitual coping behavior triggered by a deeply felt need or fear, making it extremely tenacious and hard to get rid of. In its more extreme forms, procrastination can eventually lead to personal disaster of one kind or another, and for these people the solution lies in uncovering procrastination’s roots – usually through psychological counselling or therapy. For many other people procrastination raises its head only occasionally, and may be related to poor organizational habits, inattention, or relying too much on a memory that’s not quite up to the demands being put on it. For these people the solution may simply be better time management and personal organization.

Procrastination is clearly a thicket; how we can make our way through it? In examining our own ‘put-it-off-till-later-behavior,’ we first need to ask if putting it off makes rational sense. Sometimes putting things off is totally appropriate when there is a good chance for doing the task in hand. In other words, waiting also makes sense in situations where the best course of action has not yet become clear. Furthermore, we tend to think of procrastination as being a bad thing but it can also be a good thing. The procrastinator may not be able to accomplish something on that time or he is unable to make a decision about their work or business, might just make the right decision for them at that time. Sometimes, by putting off small things we can achieve big things, the things that we really want to. In such situations we sometimes come across the opposite of procrastination. There are people who get very upset by uncertainty, and sometimes these people prematurely undertake a course of action just to ease their uncomfortable feelings. Bothered by not knowing, and by lack of action, they charge too soon, and sometimes get themselves in as much trouble as habitual procrastinators do.

In countering procrastination, we have to decide whether the task in important enough to do now. Is it worth sacrificing short term pleasure for long term benefits? If the task is important then the immediate desire of putting off doing the work in hand will be replaced with the ultimate goal of completing the work with a good record. It doesn’t help to wait until you are in the right mood for working. A good strategy is to just start doing the thing for an hour less or more even if you don’t feel like it. Once we become involved with the task, it is easier to continue. Break the task into smaller and more manageable bits. A large project of assignment can be divided into a sequence of smaller tasks and activities that can be completed one by one. This will create good habits and bring us into a routine of working on a regular basis. Otherwise, delaying things for the other time keeps us from doing the urgent work. It tells us that instead of doing it now we can do another time. It tells us there is always tomorrow. It say that just because we are ignoring this task again and again doesn’t mean we have quit. Therefore, procrastination is one of the greatest enemies to producing meaningful work. Because not only does postponing keep us from doing the work, but in so doing, it also robs us from the process of sitting down every day to be creative. It is in the day-to-day mundane and difficult work of showing up and doing the job that our ideas take shape and take flight. It’s in that place that our skills are forged bit by bit. The path to success (both in our career and in accomplishing our life goals) is rarely glamorous. It’s usually mundane and repetitive. Underachievers will waste their time daydreaming about when their big break will come while they procrastinate doing work they don’t see as important. Meanwhile, true achievers will do the work, day in day out, with vision and strategy.

So, you should change your prospective and do the thing that you are putting off first. If you have a big task to do – set yourself a goal and break it down into small ones and achievable chunks. Take account of the sort of person you are and go on according to your values and expectations. Besides, give your time and attention to the things which are most important. That’s a choice you can choose each day, not a state of being you have to strive forward. You can do the works that matters. By not procrastinating you are going to build momentum in your personal integrity and can establish habits that stick, bring healthy balance between your work and personal life. By focusing and doing the priorities life becomes more pleasant and enjoyable since we live our life by doing and concentrating on the vital things that are significant in our day-to-day life.




You must be the change that you wish to see in the world


‘So many of us have heard and been moved by Gandhi’s quote. But even as we have quoted, cited, coached it and counseled with it, we don’t often hear the story behind it. Among the hundreds of people were waiting to visit with Mahatma Gandhi were a mother and her young son. When it was their turn, the woman asked Gandhi to speak with her son about eating sugar. Gandhi asked her to come back in two weeks and said he would talk to the boy then. She wondered why he didn’t just speak to her son when he was already there, but she complied with his request. In two weeks they returned, and after waiting for a couple of hours, she was able to approach Gandhi once again. Hearing her repeated request, Gandhi immediately spoke with the boy, who agreed to begin working to eliminate sweets. After thanking Gandhi for his wise and compassionate words, the mother asked him why he wanted them to return instead of offering his advice the first time. Gandhi replied, “Upon your visit two weeks ago I too was eating sugar.” He explained that he could not speak of or teach her son to not eat sugar if he himself had not taken that journey.’ This great story teaches people that before they tell others what to do, they themselves should have done that work or they must do it before they offer advice to others.  In other words, if we don’t do something ourselves we cannot ask or make others to do the same thing. Besides, how can we expect others to do things while we are different or even don’t take steps to do what we ask others. If we put a close look to history and background of the great leaders in the world like Gandhi and Mandela and so on we realize that they were the once who showed to all the people that if they want to see a difference in their lives, societies, and even in the world they should be the starter of such works and as they move on, they can encourage, ask, convince others to join them to the journey that they take. On the other hand, things don’t change by themselves and if someone wants something he/she needs to set an example. When people realize that what we say we put in action too then they would be eager to apply that in their lives and before they ask others to do things first they themselves take that journey. It is very simple and unique and one needs to start it and pave the way for others by setting an example himself.

It is true and can be applied in our country too. As we know that people always blame others and point fingers towards them while they have the same problems and never do anything about themselves. If we want to see change, civilization, prosperity, and better condition of life, then each of us has got to do what we are able to do. For instance if we look to history and see how Adolf Hitler could bring such revolution we realize that what he dreamed put in action and proved to people therefore, finally he reached to what he dreamed years ago. My dear fellas, whatever changes you would like to effect in our society has to begin with you. The leaders the world has ever known are the reformers who were accountable and responsible for their own change. And the commitment for change has no day of, does not allow excuses, and doesn’t allow for pardons. And stop preaching and try practicing. It is really wonderful that we start the change in any field that we are in, then change becomes possible. Doing such tasks encourages others and makes them feel how nice it would be if they do the same work and make a difference by doing so. However, if we look to our lives and compare it to las week, month or some years we realize that many changes happened in our life and we aren’t in the same place which we were those time and our understanding, knowledge, prospective, thoughts, feeling and believes have been changed. Therefore, we can see that we have come too far between where we were and where we are now and what we wished or pictured ourselves that time became a reality. All in all, I highly recommend youngsters and youth to take the accountability and be the generation who is totally different from other generations. It means anywhere they are, whether they have limited or unlimited resources should start doing things. I know bringing change is quite difficult and the road ahead is not easy, there is a deal of work to do, and we may face obstacles, setbacks and disappointments but it is not out of the question and if we strive for it with faith and willingness I am sure we would make it happen.

The power of imagination

The power of imagination





Imagination is the process of harnessing and utilizing the creative power of the mind. Fancy resides in the boundless realm of the mind where a man can travel anywhere at the speed of thought. When he soars with the wondrous creative powers of his imagination, he possess a first-class ticket to the life of his dreams.  He has to imagine his ideal life. He is not required to accept his present circumstances. As he summons up the feeling of living his ideal life right here right now, he allows the energy of his thoughts and feelings to produce the physical manifestation that he desires. When one employs the power of imagination, he/she is no longer limited by external conditions. He/she is in- charge. If the person can imagine it, then he would be able to experience it. As he accesses the power of his imagination, inspiration will bubble up. As that man/woman fills his/her subconscious with thoughts of what he/she would like to experience, that individual can bring anything that he/she wants and desires into their life. Imagination is the language through which one communicates with the universe. As a man develops his body through physical exercise, he can develop his imagination through mental exercise. The concept behind the imagination through mental exercise is that, one should have a clear vision of his/her ideal life and energize it with the power of imagination. He should imagine how his ideal life looks, feels, sounds, smells, and tastes. In addition, the imagination empowers humans. It allows people to speculate or to see into the future. It allows artists to create, inventors to invent, and even scientists and mathematicians to solve problems. Imagination helps a person to see things not as they are but as they can be. It enables him/her to see things from another picture. This is a wonderful power that can change the whole life of someone. It is the creator of circumstances and events. When one knows how to work with it, he can make his heart’s desires come true. When imaginations are fueled by hope and a desire of creating something better, or to become someone better, even if one has never accomplished it himself or seen an example that resembles exactly what he imagines, he begins to weaken the hold his fears have over his direction in life and instead work toward what might be. In other words, imagination makes it possible to experience a whole world inside the mind. It gives the ability to look at any situation from a different point of view, and to mentally explore the past and the future. This ability manifests in various forms, one of which is daydreaming. Though too much idle daydreaming may make one impractical, a certain degree daydreaming, while not being engaged in something that requires attention, provides temporary happiness, calmness and relief from stress. In one’s imagination, an individual can envision anything that means a lot to him, without any obstacles. It can make him feel free, though temporarily, and only in the mind, from tasks, difficulties and unpleasant circumstances.

However, imagination is not limited only to seeing pictures in the mind.  Besides, it includes all the five senses and the feelings. One can imagine a sound, taste, smell, a physical sensation or a feeling or emotion. For some people it is easier to see mental pictures, others find it easier to imagine a feeling, and some are more comfortable imagining the sensation of one of the five senses. Training of the imagination gives the ability to combine all the senses. A developed and strong imagination does not make someone a daydreamer and impractical. On the contrary, it strengthens his/her creative abilities, and is a great tool for recreating and remodeling that person’s world and life. This is a wonderful power that can change a man’s whole life. It is used extensively in magic, creative visualization and affirmations. It is the creator of circumstances and events. When one knows how to work with it, he can make everything happen. Imagination has a great role and value in each person’s life. It is much more than just idle daydreaming. Everyone uses it, whether consciously or unconsciously, in most of people’s daily affairs, they use their imagination whenever they plan a party, a trip, their work or a meeting. They use it when they describe an event, explain how to arrive to a certain street, write, tell a story and so on.

Furthermore, imagination is a creative power that is necessary for inventing an instrument, designing a dress or a house, painting a picture, writing a book and bringing myriad changes in every aspect of one’s life. The creative power of imagination has an important role in the achievement of success in any field. What a person imagines with faith, feelings come into being. It is the important ingredient of creative visualization, positive thinking and affirmations. Visualizing an object or a situation, and repeating often this mental image, attracts the object or situation humans visualize into their lives. This opens for everybody new, vast and fascinating opportunities. This means that each individual should think only in a positive manner about their desires, otherwise, they might attract into their lives events, situations and people that they don’t really want. This is actually what most of the people do, because they don’t use the power of imagination correctly. If a man does not recognize the importance of the power of the imagination, and let it run riot, his life may not be as happy and successful as he would have wanted it to be. Lack of understanding of the power of the imagination is responsible for the suffering, incompetence, difficulties, failures and unhappiness that people experience. For some reason, most people are inclined to think in a negative way. They do not expect success. They expect the worst, and when they fail, they believe that fate is against them. This attitude can be changed, and then life will improve accordingly. Understanding, how to use one’s imagination correctly, and putting this knowledge into practice, for his own and others’ benefit, will put him on the golden path to success, satisfaction and happiness. To sum up, imagination lets one see many outlooks and it is the core to creativity and knowledge. One has to imagine what he wants and matters the most then taking proper actions to work on his imagination that eventually becomes the reality.


How to become successful in life?


Success simply means the accomplishment of an aim or purpose that we make in our lives or success is getting what you want or to some people success might mean wealth. To others, it is recognition, good health, good family, happiness, satisfaction, marrying the right person, having a career with a well payment, or comfort in life. What this really tells us is that success is subjective. It can mean different things to different people. No matter what does it mean to you, the only thing that  really matters is that going towards it with a goal, desire, commitment, hard work, positive believing, imagination, and so on…  these are the ingredients of success, if you apply them carefully you can accomplish anything that you set your heart for. In other words, impossible becomes possible when these things exist in you. They function like the fuel does in a car, when there is no fuel in a car, it won’t be able to take you to your destination and the opposite is true too. Besides, they are like a ladder that enable you to climb to the top of a building. Let’s put a glance on the things that help us become successful and achieve what is important in our lives and how they can affect our lives.





Desire: desire is quite important. The motivation to succeed comes from the burning desire to achieve a purpose. A burning desire is the starting point of all accomplishment. Just like a small fire cannot give much heat, a weak desire cannot produce great results. Your desire is what fuels your success. If you don’t have the desire to achieve your goals you’re not going to achieve it. A goal without desire is like a driving car without gas. You are simply not going to get anywhere. If you want to achieve your goals you need to have the desire to achieve your goal or you have to have the right desire associated with that goal. Realizing and understanding your core desire is critical to your success.

Commitment: is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause. It is something that you commit to yourself to go an extra mile and stay with problems a little more when things goes wrong as sometimes they will in particular the time you fail or face obstacles in your way while you work on your dreams. Your dedication that you have will assist you to stay on the track and it won’t let you to be pushed in different directions. By a firm commitment you can go beyond your limitation and you won’t give up when you get knocked down. Since you are dedicated to get the job done and the setbacks can’t cloud your prospective.

Hard work: success is not something that you run into by accident. It takes a lot of preparation and character. Everyone likes to win but how many are willing to put in the effort and time to prepare to win? It takes sacrifice and discipline. You should realize that hard work is one of the right paths to success. And you cannot develop a capacity to do anything without hard work. Give your best shot and work constantly on your dream eventually you will achieve it. For instance, if you buy an item you should give its price in order to own it and that is true in success too. The price of success is the hard work that you should give for.

Positive believing: when you believe that you can you are half way near your goal. Having a positive believing is a choice we make every morning. So if you believe you can then of course you can make it happen and nothing can hold you back from whatever you are supposed to do. However, positive believe is an attitude of confidence that comes with preparation. Having positive believe without making the effort is nothing more than having a wishful dream. Belief is nothing but a state-a feeling of certainty-that governs behavior. Therefore, do what you have to do to change the positive believe into reality.

Imagination: is the ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived through the five senses. It is the ability of the mind to build mental scenes, object, or events that do not exist, are not present, or have happened in the past. Imagination gives the ability to look at any situation from a different point of view, and to mentally explore the past and the future. Imagination help us to see things not as they are but as they can be by navigating through. It enables you to see things from another picture. This is a wonderful power that can change your whole life. It is the creator of circumstances and events. When you know how to work with it, you can make your hearts’ desires come true. Above all, a development and strong imagination doesn’t make you a daydreamer and impractical if you think like. On the contrary, it strengthens your creative abilities, and is a great tool for recreating and remodeling your world and life. Last but not least, it takes you to the spot that seemed out of reach for many people.


Student stage and its importance


The supreme value of the student period is incalculable. Student life is the most precious life. The way in which you utilize this period will decide the nature of the following years that lie ahead of you. Your happiness, your success, your honor and your good name all depends upon the way in which you live now. In this period my dear fellow, you are preparing your future. Remember this. I wish you to be great. The world has put its faith in you. Your family, elders, friends and others keep their hope upon you. Now is the time for you to wisely mould your life, your character and your entire nature in any way in which you make up your mind to do so and you must do it now because time flies and when you realize that it is too late to do what you want to do.

It is like the laying of the foundation for an important building you wish to construct. If this building is something very important to you, then just think how much more important its proper foundation becomes in your view. The strong and continued existence of the building depends certainly upon the foundation. This is the stage you are in now. Let your preparation be wise, correct, unique and of such a kind that will lead to your true welfare, and lasting happiness. You should acquire knowledge of subjects not like history, geography, mathematics, etc… But also human nature, science of self-control, discipline and more importantly the proper relationship between you, world and God.

The 25 years of human life should be dedicated to acquiring good health, perfect character, self-control, and all that is necessary for you to know in order to live your life righteously. Get the most out of this period because it is the time that each and every second is considered like opportunities that knock your door for once. So, be opportunist and grap everything that this period offers for you and think of it like something vital that your life, career and success depends on it and if you don’t make use of it then nothing worthwhile happens after this extraordinary interval that you have right now and all that you have to do is to be a hard-working student and an understanding boy/daughter whose dream is to be a better person in his/her life, family and community which put its high expectations upon you since you are the one who can bring huge change in lives others.  Your dream becomes reality if you work hard with full energy, perseverance, passion and all that is essential for using this period in any way possible.

On the other hand, this period will give you the most fundamental experience while you contribute with other people who differs from you in many ways for instance, his/her character, lifestyle and way of thinking and so on… These things certainly bring a great amount of variety in your life as the ingredient does in the food. This is going to be the most important experience which is a rare thing to happen in other walks of your life. Besides, when you work in a team with others, you feel yourself accountable to take part in any task that you should work on otherwise you won’t get anything out of it. However, you become more responsible in your life and the career that you are going to put your knowledge and understanding into practice. A research from Harvard University has shown that the students who work in groups are better in any way from other individuals who are going the assignments by their own ways. Furthermore, the senior students state that working in pairs and groups is crucial for academic success. So, you have to apply these things in your study so that you become a success when you graduate from school or university.

Finally,, go ahead get the job done and you will receive the joy of heaven, and above all, make proud those who have high expectation from you, the once who have done whatever they could to see you somewhere special after you get education. Make their efforts counted and give them a feeling of pride whenever they speak your name. Last but not least, bear in mind that a good education can guarantee not only your future but your personality as well.


everyone can leave a mark in this world

Life would be so nice and interesting when you realize that you have a purpose being here. Besides that, you will enjoy it the fullest when you are living according to your values in life. By value I mean that, living according to your principles or judgment of what is important in your life. When you realize that what really matters to you, how to get the most out of life, how make each day enjoyable, how to live life happily, how to handle things while you go through tough time and above all, how to create and leave a legacy for others specially your family and children that put their high expectation in you. When you get a clear picture of all these things, then definitely life become meaningful since you have understood what how to life and what is important in your life to get. Living with your values makes it possible to navigate through different things and the most out of them. Be creative and make the best use of your time because when it is gone it never will come back so that you utilize from it. Be realistic in your life and know that life gives you whatever you work on, and nothing comes by chance or luck. The more you work, the luckier you become and there is no other way to get fortunate. More importantly, live each day and moment like it is the last one and do what is necessary that day. Living like this gives your life a kind of deadline that you have to complete what you have in your hand.

I have been through hard times, as well as good times, therefore I come to realization that, both of them are the spice of life and life without any of them doesn’t mean anything. We have to experience variety of things because each of them has something to teach us or will give us a lesson to remember. Think of each day as a precious gift that you are given by your God the almighty and treasure it like it is the last gift that you receive and do what you have to do that day and honor your God by the good things you do. One think that is really vital to bear in mind is that, always do what is extremely important to you each day long and continue the same rate till the work is done then it will be the right time to jump to the next one. Leave good signs by the work that you do, it will gratify some and astonish the rest. You will be an effective person after that, since they realized who you really are and what you are capable of doing. Living your life this way is surely the best one and there is nothing better than doing the priorities each day.

The sun is still shining behind the clouds!


Each of us possesses the potential for a wining life. Within us is the ability to live with courage, to have fulfilling relationship, to enjoy good health and prosperity, to feel and show true compassion for others, and the power to face and surmount our deepest problems. There are times in life when gloom or darkness causes us to momentarily lose the sight of light. Although it is at these times when the thought of the sun can help us. It’s warm, glowing rays brighten even our thoughts, and it’s good to remember that despite appearances the sun is shining right now. We may not be able to see it at this very moment, but if clouds block our view, they are only filtering the sun’s light temporarily. In addition, if darkness has fallen, we know that the sun is still shining at this very moment somewhere not too far away, and it’s only matter of time before it will shine on us again. When each person remembers that the sun is still shining, they know that things are still in motion in the universe. Even if life feels like it is at a standstill, sometimes all that humans need to do is have faith and wait for the time when everything is in its perfect place. Or they can choose to follow the cues of the sun and continue doing their work and shining their light, even when they can’t yet see results. In doing so people exercise their patience, making sure they are prepared when opportunity knocks and all other elements are in their right and perfect places. However, the sun also reminds us that our own shining truth is never extinguished. Our light shines within us at all times, no matter what else occurs around us. Though the sun gives daily proof of its existence, sometimes our belief in our own light requires more time. If we think back, however, we can find moments when it showed itself and trust that we will see it again. Like the sun, our light is the energy that connects us to the movements of the universe and the cycles of life and is present at all times, whether we feel its glow or not.

On the other hand, life sometimes has its cruel way to provoke a man feeling disappointed but he no longer have idea how to deal with it. It doesn’t matter how he has trouble with various circumstances: consequently, the reality is that life is changeable if a person has a comprehensive dream and take risk to successfully be accomplished, he will easily be prosperous and victorious. Taking risk doesn’t mean that people have to put their life in danger, it means having fabulous plans and pursuing them at any cost, no matter how much hard it is going to be, until they may get them. It’s not a big deal what kind of hardships and hurdles someone is going to face because he will reach to his goals on account of decisive thought. Probably during his/her effort, they feel like, “I’m not able to handle it or it’s incredible”. Indeed, if they try, they will find it actable. It just needs their willingness and commitment to run after their objectives till the time which dreams change to reality. Successful people are those who never ever say that they can’t do it, they constantly keep telling themselves that we make it sooner or later and there isn’t misconception to have the negative emotions of not working on their ambitions. They are successful because they look on the bright side of something even though they fall down like a baby for a dozen of times but they never give up, just learn how to stand up after each time of failure. So, others can attempt that in their life too and make happen what has to be happen. As a result, the future depends on what we do in the present. The important thing is that how much someone has the desire and motivation of doing that work. If a man is eager to see his life with another angle, he must give his significant capabilities of talent and do not let anything change his decision, anything at all. Thus, everyone may start doing that seriously and can be happy about the outcome of his/her struggle that is so fruitful and never going to forget when they get it. Furthermore, they should bear in mind that the pains which they sustain, come to an end, there will be nothing to lose when he/she obtains that. Obviously, that individual becomes the person who is so successful and great that the some of the people who didn’t have believe in him are going to be astonished and the rest will be gratified by his deed. By this work that person not only makes a prodigious achievement for himself also for others, therefore they are going to realize that everything is possible if they try to do that though they failed for additional times. And the difference between success and failure is one thing and that is rather giving up or just keep trying one more time.


Finally, there will be really moments of joy and feeling proud and those moments only come when one puts his/her small plans into action and keep going despite the odds, hurdles and the times when things look impossible to do or handle. So, one have to think that sometimes things need to be done whether they like it or not. Whether today or tomorrow therefore each person better off start doing it right now and show their courage, commitment, hard-working and perseverance to others and be sample for them.