everyone can leave a mark in this world

Life would be so nice and interesting when you realize that you have a purpose being here. Besides that, you will enjoy it the fullest when you are living according to your values in life. By value I mean that, living according to your principles or judgment of what is important in your life. When you realize that what really matters to you, how to get the most out of life, how make each day enjoyable, how to live life happily, how to handle things while you go through tough time and above all, how to create and leave a legacy for others specially your family and children that put their high expectation in you. When you get a clear picture of all these things, then definitely life become meaningful since you have understood what how to life and what is important in your life to get. Living with your values makes it possible to navigate through different things and the most out of them. Be creative and make the best use of your time because when it is gone it never will come back so that you utilize from it. Be realistic in your life and know that life gives you whatever you work on, and nothing comes by chance or luck. The more you work, the luckier you become and there is no other way to get fortunate. More importantly, live each day and moment like it is the last one and do what is necessary that day. Living like this gives your life a kind of deadline that you have to complete what you have in your hand.

I have been through hard times, as well as good times, therefore I come to realization that, both of them are the spice of life and life without any of them doesn’t mean anything. We have to experience variety of things because each of them has something to teach us or will give us a lesson to remember. Think of each day as a precious gift that you are given by your God the almighty and treasure it like it is the last gift that you receive and do what you have to do that day and honor your God by the good things you do. One think that is really vital to bear in mind is that, always do what is extremely important to you each day long and continue the same rate till the work is done then it will be the right time to jump to the next one. Leave good signs by the work that you do, it will gratify some and astonish the rest. You will be an effective person after that, since they realized who you really are and what you are capable of doing. Living your life this way is surely the best one and there is nothing better than doing the priorities each day.


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