The role and effects of parents in children’s life

Many people have a significant influence on children’s life and future but among them parents have the most important impact on their lives because the first institution of a child where he learns is his home. A child passes most of his time with his parents and learns from his parents and environment provided to him by his parents. For instance, parents play a vital role in the education of their child, whatever child’s age is, “either he goes in school or college”. However, another important role that parents play is in the socialization process where children learn about the values, norms and traditions of his/her society and becomes aware of the rights they have on society as well as the rights that society has on them which knowing all these can be quite valuable for them to become committed citizens of the society. Furthermore, the prosperity and adversity of the children mostly depends on how the parents do their responsibilities in upbringing and training of their children along with other rights they have on their parents.


Therefore, if parents expect to have fulfilled their duties and hope to present committed citizens to the society they need to consider the fact that it is not a slight accountability to be a perfect parents since the responsibility doesn’t stop only when a child is born in the world and they are given some facilities. The problems and burdens that a father/mother has to support their children in all things, which are normal duties of father and mother, are not sufficiently complete. A parent cannot think only in terms of, to have a house to live in, a bed to sleep on, something to eat or provide some basic materials. It is not totally correct to think that it is all that is needed. Indeed, the most important point depends on whether a parent has developed a guidance for their children to live their lives in such a way that they have a wonderful and bright future and are dependent on themselves and are productive individuals or not. If they develop such a guidance then not only children become successful in different walks of their life but also parents have done their duties as they are required to do.

It is mentionable that, among the parents mother’s role may be even greater: while the children are young they are very close to her and dependent upon her, and they spend more time with her than with anyone else which the following saying can illustrate that well, “The mother is the first school.” She may be a good school, an indifferent or even bad school. She may even be unaware that she is serving as a role model in her behavior, and her attitude. For that reason, every mother should be conscious of her role and do her best to make it beneficial for the development of her children as they set out on the journey of life. Father’s care and guidance on the other hand, is also fundamental to child upbringing and nature because what he does can make a solid foundation for their children so that they have a successful and rewarding life.And the basis must be built at an early time since it’s the right time and has the crucial impact on children rather than the other stages of children’s lives.

In addition, parents can also influence the religious beliefs of children. This is also another central thing for a child to understand and learn. Through religion a child will know who truly God is and what it means to have full believe in him and ask his blessings and mercies. However, it will give the child a sense of hope and faith. Without hope and faith, the child may find him/herself to be lost and confused, and religion will hopefully shed light on the right path and help make better life decisions. In conclusion, in everybody’s life a lot of people play quite effective roles but among them the role of parents is momentous than others. They teach their children how to live, surmount the problems and become responsible citizens of the country and so on..


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