A funny thing about kindness, the more you give the more you receive

          A funny thing about kindness, the more you give the more you receive

The healing power of kindness is amazing, but not many of us realize it. Just small act of kindness can have a great impact on people’s life. With our actions we are shaping our life and our society too. Different actions bring different results, an act of anger will bring hatred and violence, but an act of kindness will bring love and compassion. Probably everyone has felt that when he/she is being kind, no matter how small his/her acts of kindness is, still he/she experience kindness coming to him/her from the whole existence. When we are being kind, we feel our soul opening, expanding and embracing each other. In this state of being we feel transformed. By performing acts of kindness, we influence others to be kind too, and this produces an endless chain of effects, and a circle of kindness.

In other words, what goes around comes around – and with kindness it really does. Therefore, always try to forgive yourself and others, let the negative energy pass through you. This way the pleasure will come in your life because there is no negative energy that hold you back from the joy and excitement of life. Be kind to others even with those who don’t deserve your care. No matter how others treat them, you be better than those who aren’t like you or don’t see what you can see. When you show your kindness people will be astonished at the way you behave with them. Therefore, you are going to be measured the unique person in their lives. The work you do or will do is going to be just great and it will consequence in some sort of positive reaction in others and they’ll show warm-heartedness to the rest of people whom they come across to.

Imagine how wonderful your way of behaving would be. Needless to say, showing kindness is an outstanding thing and there is no enough words to express how rewarding it is. It is worth mentioning that, although it’s a great work to show kindness to all people but being kind with children is something more precious and fruitful because they are in the stage where they need kindness and good behavior so that they grow up with tense softheartedness they need in order to live a peaceful life filled with mercy and generosity. There is a nice saying, it goes “drop by drop become a river.” It means that the smallest actions we take will result in a huge amount of whatever we are doing now and again.  Although the work may be considered tiny but if it is done constantly definitely it will have an incredible outcome afterwards. So, it depends on us that how we make other people feel.

The bottom line is that, your kindness will open the doors for others to contribute and look to one another in a new prospective and all it brings is some sort of nice upshots in life we all live. Be the one and make it happen. There is no use to put it off a thing which can bring a world of difference in lives people because that’s what we are basically meant to do which is to be there for each other in times of need. Go ahead and leave a positive mark in hearts of those whom you come across in your life and get the joy of heaven by doing so.

Final words, we need to tell people that what really world need is more love and kindness. We aren’t born to hate each other or bring harm to one another. Sad to say it happens but that’s not what we can give out. Despite the cruelty of the world which is the creation of human we can seek ways to contribute and take positive action to make the society a better place to live. A place where people find refuge and sense of belonging and a place which gives them the courage and power to seek ways for making something worthwhile.



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